Friend of God,

It is incumbent on you to be aware that the revelations of God which you have received indicates your coming transfiguration. A revelation of God always precedes and assures a transfiguration encounter. Without such revelations, you will never have transfiguration encounters. So do not despise them! Whether they came by a dream, vision or prophecy encounter or via an insight into Scripture, these revelations serve as an invitation for you to advance to a higher dimension of His grace. 

Now necessity is laid on me to differentiate this grace from the other two also found within Scripture. For most folks, grace is constrained to unmerited favour {Check Ephesians 2:8}. However, Scripture connotes grace beyond the borders of unmerited favour. Grace also alludes to an empowerment to win or a special enabling/equipping for service {Check 2 Corinthians 12:9; 1 Corinthians 15:9-10 & 1 Corinthians 3:10}. It is to the latter connotation this Prophetic Outlook points.

As Yeshua HaMashiyach stood on the Mount of Transfiguration, Scripture reveals that “…His clothing became as white as light” (Matthew 17:2 CJB). This aspect of His transfiguration encounter alludes to His elevation to a higher dimension of the grace which was bestowed upon Him. It was for this cause that Moses and Elijah were seen speaking with Him {Check Matthew 17:3}. We must understand that the grace of God upon a person’s life can increase because it is given in measures {Check Ephesians 4:7}. Apostle Paul affirms this in his letter to Corinthians. He revealed that “…we all, seeing the glory of the LORD…as in a mirror, are being transformed (changed; taken)…from glory to glory by [Holy Ghost] (2 Corinthians 3:18 MEV personalized with emphasis). When Prophet Elijah was being transferred, Prophet Elisha was with him. In the process of his transference, Elijah dropped his mantle which was caught by Elisha and Prophet Elisha received a double portion of the grace that was bestowed upon Prophet Elijah {Check 2 Kings 2:1-18}.

It is quite interesting to note that in his response to Elisha’s plea for a double portion, he said “…if you see me when I am taken up from you, it will happen to you. If not, it will not” (2 Kings 2:10 MEV). Prophet Elijah knew that unless Prophet Elisha was able to experience or perceive that which he embodied, no release was possible. Again I declare to you that without a revelation you cannot have a transfiguration encounter. You must see it before you can have it.

Many of you reading this Prophetic Outlook have received numerous revelations of God. It is those revelations which guarantees your transfiguration encounters. Friend of God, the secrets of God were given to you because God desires for you to mature in the grace He has mantled you with. He desires to take you higher. Now is your time to go to the higher dimension of His grace He has revealed to you.

Shalom & Love,

Mudassa Gaymes

Prophetic Outlook: Revealing YHVH to the Nations!!!

“…the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life” (John 6:63 KJV).