Created Kings,

It is very important for you to understand that although God is Sovereign, not everything operating in your life is there by His permission. Some things are there because you have permitted them to be there.

How is that so?

At Creation YHVH declared: “…Let us make man…and let them have dominion over…fish of the sea…birds of the air…livestock…all the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on…Earth” (Genesis 1:26 MEV). Now dominion is a term readily associated with Kings. So when YHVH, who is the Self Existent King, made man and gave him dominion, it was actually an act of coronation. The Self Existent King deemed man as Created King. Hence when Adam and Eve violated the covenant, they traded their mandate for sin – something way less than God’s best. So although every human being is a potential Created King, every human being does not have the Created King’s mandate.

Who then has the mandate? According to Genesis 1:26, “…God said, ‘Let…man in Our Image, after Our Likeness…have dominion…” (MEV). Hence those with the mandate are those who have the Image and Likeness of the Self Existent King. As a result of this, it is imperative for us to know and understand that the Image of God is His Son – Yeshua HaMashiyach, and the Likeness of God is His Spirit – Ruach HaKodesh. So to be the mandated Created King, we must be in His Image – His Son – Yeshua HaMashiyach and in addition, we must be after His Likeness – His Spirit – Ruach HaKodesh. In other words, those with the Created King’s mandate must be in Christ and must walk and live by His Spirit.

In understanding and functioning in your mandate, you must know your domain and know who you are. Every King has a domain – an area or territory owned or assigned for His control. Furthermore, being a King means you have the right to exercise authority over your domain. From our Scriptural Text, Earth is the place assigned for our control and we have the right to exercise authority over the marine kingdom – “fish of the sea”, the kingdom of darkness – “birds of the air” and over the animal kingdom – “every living thing that moves on Earth” (Genesis 1:26, 28). We’ve got to realize that we do not own Earth for “…Earth [and its fullness] belongs to [YHVH]…” (Psalm 24:1 MEV personalized). Yet we have permission to exercise authority over it. This brings us back to the truth disclosed at the beginning – not everything in operation in your life is there by God’s permission; even though He is Sovereign, some things are there because you permit them to be there. 

Mandated Created Kings, YHVH has entrusted you with the responsibility to govern. It is your birthright. Exercise your authority over your domain! Yeshua HaMashiyach proclaimed: “…I tell you people that whatever you prohibit on Earth will be prohibited in Heaven, and whatever you permit on Earth will be permitted in Heaven” (Matthew 18:18 CJB). So whatever is taking place in your domain is happening because you have given it permission to function. It is no wonder Adam and Eve hid from YHVH when He had come to visit; they knew they had to give Him an account of their governance {Check Genesis 3:8-13}.

What are you permitting in your domain?

Mudassa Gaymes

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