I got up this morning with the term “Mega” resounding in my spirit as if it were waves; it was as if “Mega” was a sound (not a song) on repeat. Oftentimes when I hear a term in the Spirit Realm I will get a Scriptural reference to go with it, but this prophetic encounter was different. There were no Scripture reference and no given Hebrew or Greek. As I kept interceding, I felt led to check out the dictionary – Oxford Dictionary of English and in the process Holy Ghost began to illuminate the eyes of my understanding.

Mega The Term

Now the first thing I received is something that everyone knows. Mega is a terminology and every word has a definition. Holy Ghost said to me, “Take this as a sign that I am bringing definition to your life; I am getting ready to redefine you”. Secondly, the dictionary categorizes mega as being informal. Holy Ghost said to me, “I am getting ready to step beyond the norm and that which is about to happen would have and bring about out of the box effects”.

Mega Defined

The Oxford Dictionary of English conveys “Mega” to mean:

  • Very large; huge“Be ready for I am about to bring increase; you have planted, you have watered but I am the God who brings increase; I am the God of Increase; I am Infinite; Yes, I am Mega”.
  • Excellent“In this season I am releasing the grace to excel and I am adding the Spirit of Excellence to your life”.
  • Extremely“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men that which I’m about to do; I am about to give you extra”!

Father, I thank You for Your intent to infuse our lives with Mega Waves. I come into agreement with Your Messianic Community – the Ekklēsia for that which You desire to give us. I decree a redefining of our lives to the extent of out of the box encounters; take Your people beyond the norms and into the more than enough zone. I decree and declare increase, grace to excel, the Spirit of Excellence and more than enough working in us, through us and for us in such a time as this. I release Your grace for Mega in and through the authority of Yeshua HaMashiyach. Amen!

Mudassa Gaymes

Prophetic Outlook: Revealing YHVH to the Nations!!!

“… the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life” (John 6:63 KJV).