Oftentimes when tragedy sets its feet into our lives, many would ask the question “Where Is God?” However, this probing question is about to strike a different analytical perspective in your life. This is not just a question reserved for times of tragedy. “Where is God?” should be a question for all who seek Him.I was in the midst of conversing with a lady who had finally tracked me down to share her testimony with me, when Holy Ghost led me on this tangent. Her testimony dates back to 2012. She was in a meeting where I was ministering when all of a sudden I said “There’s a lady here with a cyst on your hand, come”. She said she was hesitant at first because she had done an operation on it and it grew back bigger. However, she mustered the courage, came forward and got prayed for and since then, the cyst left and has never returned. Six years later she is still cyst free!!!

Now in the midst of conversing, I heard Holy Ghost say “Wherever God is, there will be change!!!” Of a truth, many folks are afraid of change. Some will do everything in their power to keep things the same, fearing to lose control. However, if God is in that thing we so cherish then change is inevitable.

Ekklēsia, if God is truly in our assembly, gatherings and life as is claimed, there will be changes! With the Presence of God our assemblies cannot remain the same! Furthermore, if we carry the Presence of God we cannot stay the same! Apostle Paul was clear to Corinthians, “…where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty” (2 Corinthians 3:17). The term “liberty” is indirectly proclaiming captivity/bondage/oppression/restrictions and such like were in existence at some point, but the moment Holy Ghost became present they underwent a transformation. At the same time it is revealing the obvious – the Presence of YHVH guarantees freedom. For whenever the Spirit of YHVH shows up He reproduces Himself – He liberates; and we know that “…if the Son frees you, you will really be free” (John 8:36 CJB). If God is there, captivity and her affiliates are swallowed up! Through implications, it is also revealing that the absence of God is the presence of bondage/captivity – being stuck, going around in circles, repetitive cycles, routines. Sounds familiar?

Now it is imperative that it be made known, that not all changes are of God. So how will you know if a change is of God or not? Scripture is repetitively clear that “… the LORD is Good…” (Psalm 100:5; Psalm 34:8; Psalm 136:1; Psalm 119:68). Thus, if the change is of God it will be good because God is Good – Every good act of giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from Father who made the heavenly lights…” (James 1:17 CJB emphasized). Has God given it? Does Scripture clearly portray it as a gift from God? If that’s a “yes” then it is of God; embrace the change; it is for your good. It may not look good at first but unless we are willing to taste it, we are not qualified to judge it – “Taste and see that the LORD is Good…” (Psalm 34:8 NET).

Ekklēsia, we are on the precipice of a revolutionary change; the waters are troubled; it’s about time we step in! Change is knocking at our doors; let Him in or be counted out. Holiness is not reserved for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; it’s for all who are called by His name. Who may go up to the Mountain of YHVH? Those with clean hands and pure hearts. Who can stand in His Holy Place? Only those with clean hands and pure hearts. Prophecy and prophesying is not a Pentecostal phenomenon; it’s for all who has Ruach HaKodesh – the Spirit of God dwelling within. Speaking in tongues is not just for Pentecostals; if you have Holy Ghost you will speak in tongues!

Ekklēsia, let us carry Change to this generation; they are searching – “Where Is God?” Would you be the one to say “He Is Here!”?

Mudassa Gaymes

Prophetic Outlook: Revealing YHVH to the Nations!!!

“… the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life” (John 6:63 KJV).