Scripture speaks of a meal which was given to the community of Isra’el before their Exodus. This meal later became a renowned feast which is still celebrated to this day. At its origin, we are told: “Your lamb…You shall keep…until the fourteenth day of the same month, and then the whole assembly of the congregation of Isra’el shall kill it in the evening…you shall eat it in haste. It is the LORD’s Passover” (Exodus 12:5-6 & 11 MEV). Generations later, Prophet Ezra conveys that “The people from the exile kept Pesach on the fourteenth day of the first month” (Ezra 6:19 CJB). For when YHVH went to Prophet Moshe, He revealed – “This will be a day for you to remember and celebrate as a festival to YHVH; from generation to generation you are to celebrate it by a perpetual regulation” (Exodus 12:14 CJB). Today, Pesakh/Pesach (pronounced pay-sack) is an annual holy day and feast commemorating God’s deliverance of Isra’el from the slavery of Egypt. Unfortunately, many Christians only see it as a Jewish festival while most Jews limit it only to their exodus from Egypt. This should not be the case; for as Yeshua HaMashiyach celebrated Passover, He revealed that this feast is part of His legacy – “…do this in memory of Me” (Luke 22:19 CJB emphasized). Within the Messianic Community, whenever we commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua HaMashiyach, we’re actually celebrating Passover. The lamb slain at the exodus of the community of Isra’el is a prototype of Yeshua HaMashiyach our Passover Lamb.

According to the King James’ Version, Pesakh/Pesach was given as a memorial. Within our culture, a memorial readily alludes to a gathering for a specific purpose. At such, we would talk about the memory of whoever or whatever is memorialized. Now most folks are good at talking about; some will even talk about and be sorrowful; they go no further. Yet Pesakh/Pesach is not a gathering to be sorrowful; neither are we to simply gather to talk about it. YHVH proclaimed that it is designated time to “…remember and celebrate…to YHVH…by a perpetual regulation” (Exodus 12:14 CJB emphasized). This brings to mind a well known Bible account and character – Leah the wife of Ya’akov and her quest for love.

Scripture reveals in Genesis 29:31-35 that

  • Leah was unloved
  • YHVH opened her womb
  • She conceived and gave birth to a son she named Re’uven because she taught YHVH saw how humiliated she was and granted her a son so that her husband would love her
  • She conceived again and gave birth to Shim’on – YHVH has heard that I am unloved; then came Levi – My husband will be joined to me
  • Yet again she conceived and named him Y’hudah – praise/celebrate; and then she stopped having children

Now the reason she stopped wasn’t because she was tired of having children or had won the love of her husband; it was because something transpired between her third and fourth delivery. In that moment, the lights came on and she realized that despite YHVH had been so good to her, she had been selfish and ungrateful. She was consumed and blinded by her plight for her husband’s love without taking the time to praise/celebrate YHVH who had blessed her with sons. So Leah proclaimed: “…This time I will praise YHVH…” (Genesis 29:35 CJB).

Leah, like many of you, had been in contention focusing on the many issues surrounding life without being mindful that despite she hadn’t received the thing she so desperately craved, YHVH had blessed her to be productive. Leah thought that having children would shift her warfare and bring about the victory she longed for. Yet the moment she came to her senses and Y’hudah – celebrated YHVH – it was in that moment she encountered her shift. The moment Leah threw in a praise, “…Rachel saw that she was not bearing children for Ya’akov…[she] envied [became jealous of] her sister [Leah] and said to Ya’akov, ‘Give me children, or I will die!” (Genesis 30:1 CJB personalized). The moment Leah celebrated YHVH was the very moment her warfare switched. In that moment, Rachel her sister started losing her mind to the extent of being suicidal. Rachel no longer saw Leah as a target, she turned her attention to Ya’akov her husband.

YHVH wants to switch your warfare but you’ve got to switch your talk – throw in a praise. Y’hudah – Celebrate YHVH, and your warfare will switch. In that moment, you will no longer be recognizable for YHVH shall cover you under His wings. Yea, like the men groping for the entrance to Lot’s house and those servants sent to Prophet Elisha from the King of Aram, YHVH will give you the advantage by releasing the spirit of blindness on those pursuing you. Furthermore, that which has been coming against you would begin to fight its own; your enemies will contend amongst themselves. If only you switch the words coming from your mouth – stop complaining, stop contending and simply celebrate YHVH – throw in a praise, confusion will break out in the camp of your enemies.

So as you gather for this memorial – Pesakh/Pesach – Passover Feast, “…remember and celebrate [it] as a festival to YHVH…” (Exodus 12:14 CJB personalized). Don’t just talk about what happened then; Throw in a praise!!!

Khag Sameach – Have a joyous festival!

Mudassa Gaymes 

Prophetic Outlook: Revealing YHVH to the Nations!!!

“…the words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are Life” (John 6:63 KJV).